How To Make A "Mutual" Lookup

I am trying to figure out how to have 2 different tables with essentially the same column that updates in both places when a change is made.
See my example doc here; I want when I tag an asset in “marketing campaigns” for that change to be reflected on the asset table as well, and vice versa. When I tag an asset with a campaign in “marketing assets” I want that campaign to be updated with the appropriate asset.

I know how to display all the assets for a particular campaign with a filter, and I also know that if I change the view to card, I can add new rows to each table from within the details view.

But I cannot figure out how to make the current table view do what I want, ie be a lookup that can be changed from either table.
Is this possible? Does it need to be a view of the same table?

Hi @Demetrius_Bolduc ,

Is this what you intended?

This way in the All Assets / All Campaigns columns you’ll have always the full set of references

Please let me know if this helps.

Hey there, thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately that doesn’t really solve the problem.
I would rather just make a view at that point.
Seems that what I am wanting isn’t actually possible with Coda…
Correct me if I’m wrong though!

I have been looking for the same option since I left Airtable but it looks like Coda only offers one-way Select lists for now.

@Federico.Stefanato I think you are close to the goal but the way I understand @Demetrius_Bolduc’s request is:
When the option Photos is selected in a table 1/column 3 it should also appear in a table 2/column 2 as Photos. But also in the opposite direction, for example if Photos is later changed to Copy in table 2/column 2 it should change to Copy in table 1/column 3.

In other words the Select list option should work both ways so I think this might be a development suggestion.

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This is something Coda requested feedback on how to best build, so it looks like a feature they are working on.