Many to many with lookup

I would like to have two tables each with a lookup column pointing to the other table with multiple select on and have it all stay in sync

For example - a task in the task table can have many projects assigned to it in the respective lookup column. A project in the projects table can have many tasks assigned to it in the respective lookup column. And have both many to many lookup columns stay in sync automatically.

Another example would be classes and students. A class can have many students and a student can have many classes.

Is this something you have thought about implementing? Thanks!

Hello @Aaron_Westberg,

Since this is currently not avaliable (and may never be given the complications of having such 2-way sync as described in other posts), have you considered building the relationship like this? Each table would have a direct select option to the other table, and you would use the “All Related” columns for all of your doc reporting, formulas, etc. when you need to access the entire many-to-many relationship.

I hope that helps, thanks!

Edit: Switched the lookup columns to allow for quick adds per @Jean_Pierre_Traets 's suggestion - makes a ton of sense in context of a use case like this!

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Dear @Bobby_Ritter,

For sure at least I am very happy with your approach, thank you very much sharing it :handshake::trophy::diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

just update in both lookup columns by selecting "allow quick adding new options!

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HI Bobby,

Thanks for this solution! It is a work around using list combine although not quite as clean as two lookup columns in sync.

I was trying to create a third table as a transaction table between both tables but could not figure it out. Maybe as of now Coda can not do this type of relationship.

@Aaron_Westberg , not exactly you wanted. but should be pretty close? Tip is to use Details layout

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