Simulating One To Many Relationship in Coda


Wondering if there’s any recommended approaches for achieving something similar to that of a one to many relationship in Coda?

I guess the primary use case for what I’m asking would be the dropdown lookup column should only contain lookup rows that haven’t already been associated with something. Imagine you could achieve it with a filter on the column but thought I’d see if there’s other approaches.


In the doc below, I have built examples of several different ways to join tables.

They are contained in a section called “Table Joins and Lookups”.

In the page “Lookup 1- From one table to another, with filters” I give some example of how I have implemented a requirement very similar to yours.

Feel free to copy and use.


Thanks @Piet_Strydom, but I can’t seem to open your link, keeps redirecting me to login or my own Coda homepage.

I tried the “official way” but I must have done something wrong. I have edited and pasted a link to the published doc. It is working now.


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Got it, thanks for this, it’s a handy reference. It’s more or less what I’ve ended up with so far.