How to make Monday the first day of the week in Calendars?

Does anybody know how to make Monday the first day of the week in the calendars? It feels odd to have Sunday as first day of the week when Sunday is a day off and people start working on Monday. I couldn’t find any option in the calendar to change that.


I think it is not supported yet. I’ve written a suggestion some time ago First day of the week Monday/Sunday,
so +1 for that option :slight_smile:

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Massive +1 from me too.

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Massive +1 from me too.

+1 from me as well! As well as an option to change default formats of dates to DD/MM/YYYY


Massive +1 from me too

Yes, please! Would be great to use in our production

YES, please!

And yes to this:


Massive +1 for this from me too

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HUGE-HUGE +1 for this

+1 for this from me as well

@ everyone in this thread:

Currently there’s no way to make Monday the first day of the calendar in the stock calendar, and as far as I know it’s not on the radar just yet. However, there are ways to “hack together” a custom calendar view either based on a grouped table or on custom HTML.

Here’s just the doc where I did it:

Interactive (table with groups):

HTML rendered (compact for printing):

I’m consulting on Coda and making docs for hire, so if you’re interested in having this integrated into your setup, DM me or write at

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I agree, weird that it starts on a sunday - should be monday