How to make multi-select lookup?

I want to filter items based on the value from multi-select drop-down list like this

Lookup(Projects,Status ,[multiselect 1])

In multiselect1 my formula is =Projects.Status

Suppose my project statuses are Complete, InProgress, Closed

If I choose InProgress and Closed in [multiselect1] then the return will be blank. I know that I can use several select lists to solve this problem but it’s not really beatiful. Am I missing something?

Hey @Dmitriy_Klyuev,

if you want to filter the rows of a table, you can try using the formula Contains for filtering with a multiple select.

Just use the formula

Status.Contains([multiselect 1])

on the table filter and it should show only rows, that are selected in the multiselect.

If you just want a list of all the affected rows (to use it in a formula or on the canvas), you can use the formula

=filter(Project,Status.contains([multiselect 1]))

to get a list of all the rows that have the selected status.