How to make the lowest formula calculation result equal to 0 instead of a negative number?

Hi Codans!

I’m working on a formula that calculates a projection of what our inventory will be after 1 year. We can only purchase inventory once per year due to the nature of our business. If I start with 10 units and have an annual sales projection of 15 units, then my formula is: 10 - 15 = -5. We won’t actually have -5 units, we will have 0 units. Does anyone know how I can set a minimum calculation result number of 0 within my formula so I don’t have any negative numbers?

Thanks so much!
Reiley at Snake River Seed Cooperative

You could use an if() statement and say something like If(YourFormula < 0, 0, YourFormula).
Basically says if your formula is less than 0, say 0, otherwise show my formula’s true result!


Great idea! Thanks so much, Micah! :partying_face:

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Hi Reiley,

as an alternative to what Micah suggested, you could use Max(0, YourFormula)
This will return the biggest number of the two. So when YourFormula is smaller than zero, it will return zero.


Thanks for this tip! I appreciate learning about this formula. :slight_smile:

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