If/than formula where if greater than zero it equals zero

I have a column 1 called players fees (example $1,000)
A column 2 called order revenue (example A $2,000; Example B $500)

I want a 3rd column where IF the sum of player fees (column 1) - order revenue (2) is + the 3rd column equals zero. (example $1,000 - $500 = $1,500 but the row would show $0)
IF the sum of player fees (column 1) - order revenue (2) is - the 3rd column equals the negative number (example $1,000 - $2,000 = -$1,000)

my current formula is: IF (column 1-column 2 = > 0, 0, column 1-column 2)
But it’s still returning the positive numbers.

To explain the purpose here, I want to track how much money I OWE out to players who are owed money (the negative numbers), but not what I am still owed (the positive numbers).

Hi @Ruby_George1 and welcome to the Coda Community!

It’s much easier for me and others to help you if you share your doc with us. We can take a look into the formulas and everyone can make a copy of the document so we don’t get in the way of each other.

Please follow this guide to share your doc with us:


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Thanks so much but the reason I’m not sharing the full doc is because there is a ton of private information about people in there.

here are screenshots of what I’m talking about

Hey @Ruby_George1 ,
Screenprints don’t really help here. What @Jannis means is for you not to share a doc with private data, but to make a small representative dummy doc that resembles the doc where you have a problem. The screenprints show columns that we don’t see, so how would you expect to get a proper answer.
If you don’t want to take the time to share a doc with the community, I think the people that can really help you are not going to take the time to give you some guidance.


I gotcha - here’s the dummy sheet, and the one column with the formula I’m working on is “due to players”

Hi @Ruby_George1,

Sorry for the late reply.

First of all, thank you for sharing your document. This helps a lot!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t fully understand what you’re trying to achieve.
Can you please describe it in more detail using the column names you use in your document? Please also define your desired output for better understanding.

I look forward to your reply.


Thanks @Jannis

I’m looking to update the formula in “Due to Players”

What I want to know is the sum of money I owe to players. If the number is negative in Due to Players, that means I owe them money.
If the number is positive in “Due to players” that means they still owe me money so I want to filter the positive numbers out.

Basically I’m just trying to put money in reserve for what I owe out and want to know ONLY what I owe out to players.

I feel like I understand formulas pretty well but every time I want to do something new like this in Coda I have ask because what I think should work, doesn’t! I appreciate all of your help very much.

Hi @Ruby_George1,

I just reread your posts and the comments in your doc.
You wanted to show only the negative Numbers in the Column “Due to players”.
After I checked the doc, I noticed that this is already happening.

Did somebody else already change it without commenting, or did you want to achieve something else?

Please check and let me know if you need any more help.


thanks so much for helping! Someone made a comment in the document itself that they fixed the formula… this is the formula now for anybody who is looking:
thisRow.[Player Fees]-thisRow.[Orders Revenue],Amount,

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