How to Mirror Folder Structures on All Integrated Services?

With the newly added feature of full page embeds, it felt right to use many services all in one place. I wonder if there is a simple (automatic) way to mirror folder structures in different services.

Use case example:
I have many Google Docs full embeds, in different page hierarchies, I also have some Coda pages with links to big files on drive. My page structure [page 1 > sub-page 1 > sub-sub-page 1] is mirrored in Google Drive [folder 1 > sub-folder 1 > sub-sub-folder 1]. A line written in sub-page 1 is a link that points to a file in sub-folder 1. My sub-sub-page 1 is a G. Doc full-embed from the URL of a G. Doc on Drive, inside sub-folder 1. So on and so forth, other services would follow a similar conclusion.

I wonder if there is a quick and easy way to do that. I think this would allow me to manage projects that spread out in different tools, with the advantage to use Coda as a single source of truth.

Would be glad to hear some thoughts.

Hey @Felipe_Griebel Thanks for sharing your question. From what it sounds like is you can use the @mention or turn on subpages for you entire doc, which will put those sub pages at the top of each parent page as buttons to then drill down. Hope this makes sense, but you can do that with the page settings at the first page in every doc.

If you are looking to do more @refrencing inside the doc, then you may have to do it manually, as there is currently no supported automatic way to do this, but we would be happy to get this feature request filed for you if you would like. Just let us know.


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