How to multiply budget items for groups and not per row

Hi, I have a doubt. I have a huge budget table and to work different scenarios to buy computers, but I can’t realize an easy way to multiply groups (amount of computers) instead of multiplying each row (very low effective).

Any ideas?

Hey there @Cristian_Alejandro_Reynaga ! Welcome to Coda!

I was a little confused from your post understanding exactly what you need - but if I understand you correctly, it would be best to turn your “Item” column into a lookup and store the quantity in that table.

Once you do that, your quantity column is a formula referencing the lookup table and you can increase that in a couple of different ways.

This GIF gives a few ideas! If its not what you are looking for reach back out, happy to help.

Screen Cast 2021-12-07 at 12.26.20 PM


Hello Scott, thank you so much for your time and creativity!

I tried the idea and works perfect but…is there a way to mix in budget tables items available in auxiliary table (such as Computers table) and more simpler items like, for example, a router that does not need modifications and it is useless to adding it on Computer table? because this path will force me to duplicate all the items (I’m working on a table with 200 items).

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