Multiply multiple values between columns

I have table where purchase details are shown. Name, date, products… I have 2 different columns for products and quantities the column products in this table is a lookup from another table where I have all the information including price and the quantity column is a list with opcions. What I want to do is to multiply product’s price by the quantity to obtain the amount to pay by the customer. So far the solution I found is to use the formula in the image but that will make mi do a very long formula specifying the multiplication for each pair of information. Is there a better way to do this?

I suggest that you have one product per row, it will simplify things greatly.

Because then you simply go Product X Price.


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I want to leave here the way I partially solved it in case it works for anyone else and can let me know how I can solve the error.

Probably just throw in a .ToNumber() on thisRow.Cantidad.Nth(CurrentValue) to help the typechecker


Thanks! It worked.


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