How to notify my some of team members whenever I complete the task

I create task with the use of table feature. I want to notify selected person whenever I completed my task.

Dear @Deep_Shah,

I assume the below documentation will guide you in the right direction:

Thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets

But I want to auto notify people when I select a specific stage.
Example: Would like to notify other designer and product manager if the current stage is designing and completing the task

Hi @Deep_Shah,

a good solution would be to “wrap” the workflow action into a button that

  1. Sets the new status
  2. Sends the notification to the designated Person through the Notify() formula.

Let me know if this helps.

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Can you please share an example or demo here.

When I covert the current stage into the button I can’t able to change the button label for each stage so I am not able to fix it.

Hi @Deep_Shah,

please, have a look at this example that I slightly modified to cope with your need:


Basically, you don’t have to convert your stage into a button, rather let the button move through your stages.
This way it’s easy to combine other actions through the RunActions() triggered by the button.

Let me know if this helps.