How to pull inventory values entered on different dates in one table and put the total into another table?

I have two tables that relate to each other through a “Lot #” and “Variety”. As we are packing inventory of each Lot #, the amount packed gets entered into a pack sheet table in the Packets Total column. The same lot will often be packed more than once on different dates. I need to pull the total number packed of each lot into a different “Master” table that tracks total inventory.

This is the pack sheet table. You can see that some of the lots have been entered more than once, on different dates.

This is the Master List table. I need the total number of packets packed, entered in the Pack Sheet table, to populate into this table. I am struggling to figure out what kind of formula to use that will pull the numbers entered for each lot #, add them all, and put that total into the Master list table.

Any help is appreciated, and if there is anything else I can clarify, let me know. Thanks!

Hello and welcome!
The formula for Master List’s Packets Total column could look something like this:

[Pack Sheet].Filter(CurrentValue.Lot = thisRow.Lot).[Pkts packed].Sum()

Thank you! It works perfectly! that is so much simpler than I had been trying to make it.

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