How to relate tasks back to specific projects using buttons

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I run an email marketing agency.
And for the most part - email marketing automations all have similar project pieces.

When I’m creating a new project for a client. I don’t want to have to set up each task every time for similar email marketing funnels.

I’ve got a master tasks database, projects database, and workspace database.

How do I set up a email marketing automation template that relates back to the right project and workspace.

Client A wants to do a PDF funnel.
I go to Client’s A workspace and press the button “New Project”
This creates a new row in my master Projects database with the pop up which I then fill in with the correct info.
There’s a button in the Project section that “Create PDF Funnel”
It essentially adds new rows to my tasks database with all the things that needs to be done to create a new PDF Funnel.

The issue is none of those tasks are automatically related back to the right project or workspace.
How do I dynamically create those tasks so they show up in the right workspace & project?

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Hi @Tyler_Cook and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

I’m not sure to understand how things relate to each other here :innocent: , but …

As you seem to store your different buttons in a canvas columns in the project table, I think you can simply add in your buttons, for :

  • ProjectthisRow (this will return the reference of the project you’re currently in)
  • WorkspacethisRow.Workspace (this will return the workspace selected in your Workspace field for thisRow (I.e.: the row of the Project you’re currently in)

In the sample you’ll find below, you’ll see this Action formula in the buttons I have in the canvas column to create 5 tasks for whatever project I’m in :

      [Tasks 2],
      [Tasks 2].Tasks,
      Concatenate("Task ",CurrentValue),
      [Tasks 2].Projects,
      [Tasks 2].Workspaces, 

And these are the “interesting” parts of the formula :blush: :

For the Projects :


[Tasks 2].Projects,


In other words, for the column Projects in the table [Tasks 2], return thisRow (The currently opened Project)

And for the Workspaces


[Tasks 2].Workspaces,


In other words, for the column Workspaces in the table [Tasks 2], return thisRow.Workspaces (The currently selected Workspace for the currently opened Project)

Sample 1.1 : Not using template for the Canvas column of the table [Projects 2]

Sample 1.2 : Using a template for the canvas column for the Canvas column of the table [Projects 2]

Now, unless you absolutely need those 2 lookups to be manually editable, another way to get your projects and workspaces directly linked to the tasks on creation could be to use in your Tasks table:

  • 1 manual single-select lookup for the Project
  • 1 “related column” to the Project lookup → Workspace

As, as far as I can see, your “new project” seems to be already linked to a specific workspace on creation…

This means that when you create a new project, it already belongs to a workspace and this link could be reflected in your Tasks table either by :


  • Add a simple formula such as thisRow.Projects.Workspaces to your Workspace lookup in your Tasks table
    This will retrieve the Workspace to which the Project is linked

And when adding the tasks in your Tasks table, all you would need to do is to specify to which project the tasks should be linked in the same way it’s done in my previous sample (i.e.: the value the button should return for the column Project should be thisRow) and the Workspace would be formulaically gathered there :blush: .

Sample 2.1 : Not using template for the Canvas column of the table Projects

Sample 2.2 : Using template for the Canvas column of the table Projects

I’ve simplified what I understood from your workflow here so I could be completely wrong :innocent: … But I hope this helps :blush:

If something’s not clear or you have other questions, don’t hesitate :wink: !


This is a really thoughtful approach. Thank you for documenting this.

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Thank you @adoc_mama :blush: !

I simply did my best here :blush:


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