How to Relurn a List of Boolean Values

I have the first formula below, that returns a list of links.

Codes.Filter(Jurisdiction=thisRow.Jurisdiction AND [Doc Type]=“Integrated”).Reference

Output :

Wayback Machine , ,
Wayback Machine , ,

I want to check if these links contain certain word like ‘’. I used the code below :

RegexMatch(Codes.Filter(Jurisdiction=thisRow.Jurisdiction AND [Doc Type]=“Integrated”).Reference, “”)

However, it only returns a single boolean value. I expect it to return a list of boolean values. What shall I do ?

When you run the filter formula, it returns a list of values - therefore if you want to check if each value in your list individually matches your desired string, you will need to run the regex (or containsText formula) on each list item

That’s where ForEach() comes in! Use forEach() to check each value in your list and returns list of Boolean values

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