RegexMatch not working anymore?

Has anyone else had their filters that use RegexMatch not work? I had to remove it for now because it was filtering EVERYTHING out. I was using a search box to enter a phrase that looks through a column and returns matches.

Hi @Catherine_Infantolino,

We recently rolled out a change to make RegexMatch return false if the regular expression was empty because in the majority of cases returning matches to everything is not intentional. Using RegexMatch as a search box is a more advanced scenario, which can still be supported with a work around. You can change your filter to Search.IsBlank() OR Value.RegexMatch(Search)

I thought I messaged all users affected by the change, but apparently I missed your doc. Sorry about the inconvenience.


So what is the best way to take a string and find matches in a column?

OK I saw this break for me too and thought I was going crazy! Figured it out though


You can still use RegexMatch you just need to use the work around I mentioned where you check if the search term is blank or if it matches the regexMatch test.

SearchControl.IsBlank() OR thisRow.Column.RegexMatch(SearchControl)

I am not using a search control, which may make your suggestion not an option for me.

I have a table with one row, one column is text and one column is a button to clear the text.

I want to take the contents of just that first column and the ONLY row to then filter another table.

I am trying something like this, but it isn’t working because TABLE_NAME.ROW_NAME_WITH_ENTERED_TEXT can’t be used as a way to match.


I think I got it.

**TABLE_NAME.ROW_NAME_WITH_ENTERED_TEXT was not returning blank, even though it was. I changed it to be ****TABLE_NAME.ROW_NAME_WITH_ENTERED_TEXT.**ContainsOnly("") and that seems to return true or false correctly.

So I am using your suggestion but containsonly instead of isblank