How to see a view of all people mentions or initiative mentions

I’m new to Coda, and tried searching the docs, but couldn’t find anything relevant.

I use Coda to take notes throughout the day, and randomly add tags to people and initiatives when the adjacent note applies to them.

I want to be able to search by an initiative or person and see a view of all of the notes they were mentioned in. I know I can do this in the search bar, but I want to be able to develop a more detailed view so I can see all of the notes at once.


:wave: Hey there!

Glad to see you are getting into Coda

Can you share more context so we can help you out? For example when you mention:

There are countless ways this can acutally be done. Are you doing it in a column? What column type is that? Canvas? Are you taking these notes in a table or rather just on a page?

All the answers to those questions result in different solutions. The more context you can share in the community the quicker you will get help.

The golden standard is sharing an example doc, but screenshots are the next best thing!


Thank you for the feedback! I’ll be sure to include more detail next time I post to the community.

I haven’t spent much time in Coda, just some basic stuff for the last few days, so I don’t have any examples that I think would be productive, but I can explain some more context.

Lets say I have a few pages of various notes. I will take those notes on a page, with some various lists mixed in. If one page of notes summarizes an update on a project, I may be tagging people in there. For example:

  • Code deployed to AWS (check with @ jason on this)
  • Site downtown was minimal, but @ nick is worried about image processing
  • New AWS deployment went well, but could have some additional changes made (@ AWS intitiative)

Does that make sense? I sprinkle in mentions to people and initiatives. Mind you I’m just using this personally, but when I have meetings with those people, I want to be able to easily pull up a list of all of my mentions of them, so I can discuss my various notes I’ve taken throughout the week with them when we have one on one meetings. Also, when I go into meetings for big initiatives, I want to check all of the notes I’ve taken that mention that initiative.

Does this help? Happy to provide additional context, and I’m open to suggestions on how to use Coda more efficiently!

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