How to send revision summary to all users?

We’ve been using Coda in our small team of consulting engineers to build out the “playbooks” for our technical and operations work. We’re constantly updating different sections. I’ve searched a few times for ways to notify users of updates along with a summary of the revision, and keep coming up empty-handed. Is there a way to do this - whether built-in or a creative workaround?

As it is now, we have to rely on actively opening pages, looking at the last time they’ve been updated, and checking version history to know what’s been updated. That’s not at all a reliable way to let people know what’s updated, so they know of a new process they should be following or resource they should be using.

The ideal workflow would be a daily (adjustable?) email digest that lists the pages that have been updated and a snippet of the revised content for each page. The team member can quickly review to get an idea of the content that’s been revised, and click to see more details.

I believe what you are looking for is similar to a github push, showing what was changed in comparison to the old content. This is viewable in ‘page history’ but not accessible via the API or using a pack…easily.

You can 100% do the daily email…however I would maybe think about the way you are structuring your data differently. For example using a table to store your playbooks and using a canvas column to provide the page like experience you already have.

That way you can do two things:

  1. Start analysing the data using Ai.
  2. Provide access to the data to gmail etc so you can send your summaries.

Happy to chat further about how to set this up via private DM or on a call: 30 Min Meeting | Harry Roper |

Thanks for the suggestion @Harry_Roper ! I played around with a table and canvas column, but I think that will make it too difficult for users to review the playbook content since the table doesn’t show the content until opening the canvas. I may just use @ mentions to tag team members in updates, or just send updates as slack messages. I appreciate your response though… It at least confirms that Coda can’t do what I’m looking for without quite a bit of work…

@Greg_Collins Makes sense!

FYI there is a setting that allows you to preview content. Not sure if that is enough for you? Right click the column and select “preview canvas content”.

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