How to share a document with a link outside the team

One of our team members (who is an editor), needs to share a document and when he goes to click the “Share” button to create a link, he gets the following message:

photo_2020-02-17 17.05.26

We checked the folder membership but there is no option to allow anyone to create public links.

How can we do this?

Dear @Adria,

When you click on the folder, it becomes “blue” and in the center top of the screen you get the menu folder settings.

Hopeful this will solve your issue.

I’m there but I cannot see any option similar to “Allow anyone to create public sharing links”

Dear @Adria,

When you go to sharing the doc itself you will see this menu:

At the bottom you can copy the link and you can set the sharing option for anyone with a link.
In my case it’s “can view”

Yes I can do that without problems, but one of the people in the team (who is an editor), sees the message of the first screenshot I posted and cannot get the public link or edit the permissions

Dear Adria,

I recommend to write to and ask for assistance by informing them about the details of the doc and person concerned.

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