Having Trouble With Generating Shareable Links

I’m an admin on my workspace.
I’ve separated the Codas in different folders - for clients and for internal use.

On some Codas, I can click the three dots and get the Share window.

But then, on other Codas IN THE SAME FOLDER, I get something like this:

I don’t get what’s happening. I thought as Admin, I should be able to generate the shareable link on any Coda, in any folder.

It keeps asking me to go to folder settings. I don’t know what I need to change.
Can anyone enlighten me? What should I do?

Dear @Azfar_Rosehaizat, welcome to the community :handshake:

Not that I have much competence in this area, but do you have also admin rights in your Gdrive.

I suggest to connect with the Codans at support@coda.io or through the Intercom “?”, maybe they will be able to assist you.

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Hello @Azfar_Rosehaizat,

What you’re seeing here is a limitation of our existing folder mechanism. Most doc permissions are stored in GDrive today, but due to technical limitations, folder sharing is not - that lives exclusively in Coda. When you have access to a doc via folder sharing only, GDrive does not think you have permission to the doc or permission to edit the permissions on the doc…therefore you won’t be able to change the sharing permissions of the doc via the Share button.

We are looking into some workarounds for this, but don’t have a great solution at the moment. We’re also working on the ability to have Coda docs be completely separate from GDrive to eliminate cases like this.