How to show two rows from different tables into one table? or any idea that could show parent row and child row as one

Hello again. I am no coder here and i’m trying to work on ticket issue in this coda

I used to see most CMMS software is able to create Parent asset with child asset.
and the thing is , when they create “work order” they are able to attach the assets to the work order.

In this case when you are trying to select an asset for you work order, value of parent asset and child asset are there for selection as if they are in the same column value (as I think how it should in table)

I tried to think of how to do it , but i don’t really understand how it work as table. Can anyone help explain or maybe do some guideline for me?

Can you say a bit more about the rules of the system?

Are parent assets and child assets totally different groups of things? Or are they all kind of the same type of thing, and can be each other’s parent/child assets more or less randomly?

Is Asset A always Asset B’s parent, or just for a certain Work Order? (And in another Work Order, Asset A is Asset C’s parent instead)

If Asset A is always Asset B’s parent, and I add Asset A to a work order, should Asset B be automatically added too?

Hi @Nick_HE

What I was trying to say is Asset A will always be a parent to Asset B and both asset A can be an asset I link to when I create work order

For example, in Hospitality I want to issue two work orders for “Paint the room” and “Fix toilet water leak” (each will be Name of work order , let’s say WO#1 and WO2 in Table A Column 1"

And then in Table A Column 2, I will have a select list (relation to table B) that I could select asset name would be “Room#401” from the list for WO#1

In addition to this, I want to have to be more specific to what I want to fix , I would like to creat child asset of “Room#401” name “401 Toilet” so that when I created WO#2 I could attach this asset to WO#2

This “401 Toilet” will always be child of “Room#401” and both can be attached to any work order. (Work order is not child or parent)

If I add asset “401 Toilet” to work order asset “Room#401” will also be in relation to it

Currently I can only add room#401 to the work order, but i cannot add “401 toilet” to the work order.

Gotcha. In that case I’d make 3 tables

  • Table: Rooms
  • Table: Room Components (with a Lookup to the Room they belong to)
  • Table: Work Orders (with a multi-select Lookup to the Room Components involved)

Then, if you want to see the room(s) involved in a Work Order when looking at the Work Order table, you could have a column called Room with formula thisRow.[Room Components].Room.Unique(). (The Unique() makes sure you don’t get Room#401 listed twice if you add both the toilet and the shower head as components)

If, for some other reason, it’s important for you to have Rooms and Room Components in the same table, we can explore that too, lmk. It’s trickier but doable.

Sorry, I don’t quite get it.

Can you show me some table sample? I am very confused

Does this help? (Note this doc has multiple pages, you may want to hit the “Open in Coda” button and clone it)

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