How to tell when any column in a big set of columns was last updated

Hi everyone!

Quick question here: I have a table with 90 columns. 20 of those columns change all the time and I don’t care about them, but I need to keep track if any changes are being made in the remaining 70. I want a “last updated” column that tells me which is the most recent change to any of those 70 fields.

I do not want a column to keep track of when any column in the entire row was last updated. Only the 70 relevant columns.

I know that I can hard-code this result using a formula like this:

The only problem is that it would take ages to add the 70 columns to that formula, and then if I make changes I’ll have to remember to change that formula, which makes it a brittle solution.

Is there a simpler, more robust way to do this?

Yup, very tricky to do now I’m afraid.
I believe my column formulas proposal would solve this

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