New formulas for columns

Another use for this would be to perform operations that involve many different columns, such as finding the maximum across 50 columns, or the latest modified column across 70 columns.

A challenge for these kinds of formulas is that you have to manually hard-code dozens of column names, which is a nightmare to maintain.

One possible solution would be for the proposed column formulas to run against views (similar to how you can open row details to a specific view, in order to get different detail layouts).

For example, if we have a table with 300 columns, we can create a view of that table with only the 50 columns we want to use in the formula (let’s call it “SelectedColumns”).

Maximum across columns


Latest update in the selected columns


This way, the functionality would be governed by which columns you choose to add to a view, which is way easier to maintain than manually hard-coding column names.

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