Different layouts for row detail view in the same table view

using the native “expand row” feature, must all rows in a view share the same layout?

I have views where this makes sense and is fine, but if I want to have “overview” tables for people to look things up, I run into issues when they click for more details and are shown the wrong layout (and thus too few or extraneous columns).

For example, I have a master table that lists 200+ countries in the world. Each country is a row, with about 30+ columns containing more information. some of these columns determine which other columns are relevant. But if I want people to be able to view the full list of countries and be able to click on one to expand for more details, I need the details to be displayed in the appropriate layouts.


Hi Ariella,

As far as I know, it is not possible. I always manually change to the desired layout.


thanks, piet. By manually do you mean each time you want to open the row? or that you can set it per row and “lock” it in that layout?

is the only workaround to create canvas templates for each layout that display the columns desired and then configure the canvas column with a formula? for example, instead of a table listing all countries with 30 columns, I would have a table with 1 canvas column and a formula determining how that canvas column displays some of the 30 columns?

Here is how I go about this if I understand your question:
I create my own expand button where I use a switchif to decide which view will open. I keep a different table for each view I want and have the switch if open the desired view.

Screen Shot 2023-10-23 at 2.10.04 PM



thanks! I wish there were a way to de-activate the native “expand row” to ensure that people only use the correct expand row button.

Modify the native “expand row” layout so the only thing on it is the correct expand row button.

That only works if you want all rows to open in the same layout

Not if you build different layouts into the button as Lin_Silver suggested here.

I created a button as Lin_Silver suggested, and it works. Are you saying that the native “expand row” button can be edited?

If you are referring to the grey expand row that appears to the left of a row when hovering over a row, this cannot work in the same way as the manual button that I made. That native button will only expand the view that the table is set to, and there is no way to disable the view of it.

I will say, however, once you and the people using the doc get used to using the blue button (I recommend coloring it) they will automatically use that button versus the native expand. It’s just more intuitive and user friendly.

If you already had them using the native button then it will take a little bit of time to get used to.

that’s what I thought! thanks for clarifying. I was confused as to what @Christopher_Cat was suggesting.

oh, i see. christopher was suggesting to make the native expand display the same thing as the row (before expanding). good idea.

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