How to Test if a link is broken

The table shown below contains links to subpages. If the subpage has been deleted in the left pane, it shows broken link. See the last row.

Is there a formula that can test for the broken link? Or test if the link doesn’t return anything (as an alternative)? If so, I’d like to delete that row.

Can’t see how to do it.


Hello @Lewis_Levin!
Unfortunately, as of now, there’s no way of knowing when a link is broken :cry:
But I encourage you to post is as a suggestion, this way it may eventually be added :crossed_fingers:

As an alternative, you could use Doc Explorer Pack

It can generate a list of all the pages in a doc, this way it can detect and delete pages that have been deleted.
The downside to this is that it may not reflect changes instantly, as you can only update this table at certain time intervals.

Can the display value circle-exclamation point Broken link somehow be detected or queried? Clearly the condition of a broken link is raised by Coda. And Coda replaces the normal display value of the cell with text that represents an error condition.

I looked at the API docs for error conditions, but broken link isn’t one of them. Mostly they have to do with formula errors or errors when calling the API.

Is it possible to somehow catch this error or capture the displayed value of a cell?

No, coda doesn’t let you know the title of the page you are referencing to so you could not make the verification this way. I tried a couple of things that may reveal this (_Merge() formula or making it a column link and trying to extract the title) with no luck.

OK. Thanks for giving it a shot. Can you forward to the dev team? And I’ll upvote it.

This is not the end of the world. It is a nice to have. The only reason I have a table of pages is for those pages that I want to tag, where “Tags” is a multi-lookup column to a tags table.

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