How to use referral credit pay for Pro plan without credit card

I have some referral credit, want to try pro plan , but it still need card credit for upgrade. why ? why ? why ?

I thought directly use referral credit to pay without input credit card, right ?



Which types credit card support ?

Does it support China Union Pay Card? Visa ? MasterCard ?


I have some referral credits, but I don’t have any credit cards.

Does it mean I never can’t upgrade pro plan ?

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Thanks for participating in our referral program!

Our billing system requires that you have a valid payment method on file in order to avoid service interruptions to your subscription once your credit runs out, to process any sales taxes that cannot legally be covered by the credit, as well as to help us reduce fraud.

We use Stripe as our payment provider, so the following credit and debit cards are supported and will be charged in USD:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Diners Club
  • China UnionPay

In the event that your referral credit covers the entire cost, your card will most likely not be charged (depending on your sales tax jurisdiction, though there may have a small authorization charge made for verification purposes). If you do not have a credit card, you’re welcome to use a debit card from your bank or a service like Privacy.


Thanks reply. @oleg

It’s not very friendly for chinese users.

We usually use wechat pay , Alipay or Apple pay to scan QR code for paying almost everything in China.

Credit card is old dated and almost didn’t use it .

China UnionPay Credit card and debit card are not supported , I tried.

Visa card works.

This Privacy service need US phone number. I don’t have it .

Honestly speaking about marketing, as before 1 million users , and daily active users, the billing system should not very strict, althought have spam risk.

I still think it’s right way to directly use referral credit to upgrade without credit card. Please consider it . Thanks.

Hi @Steve_Yang, thanks for elaborating. We totally understand that the current payment options aren’t ideal for Chinese users, though credit cards are the most common payment method in the US and we had to start somewhere.

I looked more into the issue with UnionPay and I’m afraid UnionPay cards issued in China are not supported by our payment provider, Stripe. Just to confirm, I tried with my own UnionPay card (I have a Chinese bank account with CCB from my travels~) and it didn’t work… I couldn’t even type the full 19-digit number in. Unfortunately that’s not something we have control over, though Stripe says it should be supported in the future.

I’m glad you were able to use a Visa card for now.

In the meantime, we’ll look into WeChat Pay/Alipay integration. It’s going to require some work on our end, so I can’t promise an ETA given other priorities.


Hi @oleg

Currently . I just ask for use referral credit to pay Coda Pro plan without credit card.

I’m also using referral credit to pay Notion personal plan 1 year without credit card . But Notion have no basic chart feature, No API, No button, No intertactive filter etc features for building chart dashboard.

And My case need a lot of Tables & Views that over 50 objects limits with Free plan in Coda.( I’ve sent post in community)

So currently , I have 2 choices:

  1. If use Notion with Personal plan
    There’s a way to get Notion table data without API, and then build chart with ChartJS on Github ,final embed into Notion page.

  2. If use Coda .

    First ask for use referral credit to pay Coda Pro plan without credit card.

    Next, Building my app in Coda

    3rd step, Get table data from coda api, build another chart (such as priority matrix chart) on Github , final embed into Coda doc.

  3. use Gsheet.
    adandon this choice.

So, if I can’t use Coda pro without credit card, I have to come back again to Notion .

Actually I like Coda & Coda Team more than Notions’ . Never want to back to Notion again.

But the payment option is a key issue .

I understand – we’ll work on adding support for WeChat Pay or Alipay in the future. For the reasons listed earlier, we’ll need a valid payment method on file before customers can upgrade to a paid subscription. We have no plans to change this policy at this time.

Okay. Thanks.

If no need credit card , Coda will get popluar on student customer.

Maybe it’s about customer marketing strategy.

Never open gift.

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