How would I pull in/sync data from a Secondary Calender?

I am trying to setup a case study for my workplace, and show them how we can integrate Coda with our current systems.
One of the main concepts is to have a dashboard that displays information from our calendar in a way that is concise & easily accessible - but I’m having issues connecting it.
It only lets me connect the primary calendar, but I am looking to connect a publicly shared calendar that we use.
Searching the forums it looks like I’ll have to utilise a formula to manually connect the calendar?


Dear @Rajdeep_Singh great having you in our community :wave:

Accordingly to my best knowledge it’s only possible to connect one calendar.
What comes in mind is to create a calendar for this purpose that receives shared events from other calendars.

Then if necessary you can divide the information depending on the content tags of your calendar.

I have to admit that I didn’t test it out, but I am rather sure that soon more people in this community will elaborate on this with their experience.

This strand might help with pulling in data from secondary calendars – you’ll need to read down the discussion, but we did get into that topic!


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