I want to link another table and fill in data on a row then move to the next row and then do the same

Hello, I’m pretty sure I am butchering the title of this, but I’m looking to fill in Task on my table with one Task then move to the next one and have a different title.

I’m able to use a filter to give me all the tasks I need listed, however I don’t want all of them listed.

[Cycle Tasks].filter(Team=“VMS” AND [Cycle Number]=[Project sprints].[Cycle Number])

This is the formula I’m using for the Task bar.

I have also tried to connect it to the button I have in the Project Sprints table. The button is what Creates the table on the bottom and once more I can only get it to add all the tasks, here is the code I use for that.

formulamap(Sequence(thisRow.[Planned Tasks],1,-1),AddRow([Sprint Tasks],[Sprint Tasks].[Sprint Name],thisRow,[Sprint Tasks].[Ideal # Tasks Remaining],CurrentValue, [Sprint Tasks].Task, [Cycle Tasks].filter(Team=“VMS” AND [Cycle Number]=[Project sprints].[Cycle Number] AND Contains([All Tasks].Task).Not())))

First time posting so let me know if I need more information.

Dear @Brandon_Woods, great having you in the community.

A good practice is to share a dummy doc, to make it more easy to receive support. Based on the explanation and screenshots it’s not so easy to reproduce your question and chances are big to go in a different direction then what you are looking for.

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