Feature request: use `thisRow` in formula of action that apply to all rows


My use case:

  • Add a list of tasks to the next sprint

A table of tasks, with a Sprint(s) field.

I would like to append to that list for all of them. However, there’s no action that takes in a formula that can be applied on a per-row basis, based on each row’s current values.

Current workaround:
Add a button field, so that users can add/remove from the current sprint. However, this means that user needs to click on every row rather than click on one button to apply to all rows in that view.


@Chris_Chua unfortunately I am able to help you out, maybe you should place this request in ask the community or directly to the Coda team.

Just an idea, that I don’t know if it will work, when you write thisTable in he formula could be a solution :bulb:

I hope you enjoy Coda like I do.




  1. Add a button ”Add all to sprint” outside the table
  2. Setup that button to press the button in the rows.
  3. Enable the buttons on each row by a formula

Thanks for the workaround. This doesn’t quite achieve the effect since the “Push buttons” pushes the button on all the rows for the table (so, for example, it would move every task ever to the next sprint, instead of all unfinished tasks on the current sprint).

It cannot act on a filtered set of rows or a view of the table. If it worked for a filtered view, that would suffice.


It sounds like you had a similar issue to me: Button Function Implementation


If you have to move your tasks from sprint to sprint, it is perhaps because your estimations might be bad :grin::stuck_out_tongue:

Could you perhaps add a button outside of the table and just modify rows based on a filter like Task.Filter(Status=“To Do” AND Status =“Doing”)
Then you could increment the sprint number of those tasks as a button action to move them to the next sprint?


The workaround of @Shannon_Massingill is interesting.
In the button column you could just add a formula to the Disable if field (in the button settings) like : Status.Contains(“Done”) or whatever values you want to disable the button.

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You can use a formula to ‘run actions’, which means that you can filter within the formula. You still need to have the button on every row, but you can programmatically select which buttons to press.

I’ve created a simple example using a checkbox which allows you to choose which buttons to press, but the principle is the same across the board, you can use any filter to do it.