Icons for checkboxes and better clickability

Currently checkboxes look always the same and need to be clicked pretty exactly to register the click.

To work around this limitation, some people use “scale” with a maximum value of one to get a checkbox that looks like a heart, a fire or even a prettier check mark in green. However, this means that the value of the field is either “1” or blank, instead of true or false.

Also, since clicking the checkbox requires hitting the actual box, some people use buttons to make a checkbox more reasily clickable. However, this is pretty complex, and even more complex is making the button both toggle and show the value.

Please add checkbox styles similar to scale or button styles, so we can pick preferably both an icon and color for each checkbox. Also either make all checkboxes clickable from anywhere in the column, or make a separate choice of making a “button-like” checkbox.

Also, if there is feedback from the community about this, I’d love to hear it.


Thank you for the feedback!

I’ve found myself opting for the button strategy for this same reason on mobile. I’ll log this with the team.

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