Ideas for engaging pop-up banner 🎉

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

In my doc i’ve found cool to add a “creative pop-up” to my “integrated user level manager”, in this way my users have a notification (more engaging than the usual ones) that inform them of their new features unlock.
I’m pretty sure that the same concept could be applied in other use cases, like to notify a limit of usage, or also to ask for data entry.
Yeah, no rocket science, just an “open row for editing” lol but in my case it’s perfect because it’s all done in an existing row, so the user can also read those information in other tables, in this example his level as a app user :blush: (3)

This can be interesting especially for all of us that make doc for the general public, who is not familiar to coda, to create more engagement in the app :partying_face:

If you have some ideas for a new usage of this concept please share it below and inspire us all :grin: