If, then Formulas in coda

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I am using Coda to track requests and approvals over those requests. I’m using a table were I have columns for the approvals. I would like to create a formula that gives me a answer if all approvals have been received. For example:
If approval A and Approval B columns = True, then result is True. any other combination is False.
is this possible in tables?

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Yes, absolutely.

There is an if() formula in the Coda formula language that you can use.


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How that I am back at my laptop, here are some examples of how the formula works. Please search for if():



All() is a relatively new formula that I think it can help you.


Also check out SwitchIf(), which lets you do multiple if statements at once that don’t necessarily have to be true or false:

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Sounds like you’re looking for something like this:
ALL( Table.ColA ).AND( ALL( Table.ColB ))

or you could write it like this:
AND( ALL( Table.ColA ), ALL( Table.ColB ))

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