iFrame not working

Hi guys, im sorry to ask again. I’m currently trying to use iFrame to get a coda formulary, but i’m finding this error on the console:

**Refused to frame ‘https://coda.io/’ because an ancestor violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "frame-ancestors *.coda.io .intercom-sheets.com teams.microsoft.com .sanity.studio".

Any ideas how to fix that?

Hey @Pedro_Jimenez! Do you have any more info to share about where you’re embedding the iFrame from?
If possible, a screencast of the steps you’re taking would be helpful!

Hi @Jasmine_B
It’s a straight HTML, not using anything besides that:

This is the form it is supposed to show, but it’s not showing anything:

Thanks! try adding ?viewMode=embedplay on the URL, e.g: https://coda.d.pr/i/clbjbD

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