Image click behaviour

Is there a way to disable the option to download an image when a user clicks it?

Background - because Coda doesn’t change the embed window for landscape GDocs and there’s lots of wasted space, I’m wanting to use an image instead and provide separate download links.

Here’s the page: Printout Materials · Planet Protector Academy taster module

Thanks for any help you can offer!

UPD: Disregard the reply under spoiler; I did something wrong and the actual answer didn’t work for me at first (it was still showing the download button).

Solving this is as easy as grabbing the upload’s URL and feeding it to the Image(url) formula:

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Old and overly complicated answers

The simplest way to do that would be to include the image not as an image but with an Embed() formula.

  1. Click on the uploaded image and copy its address. Should look like this:{LONG_BLOB_ID}?auto=format%2Ccompress&fit=max&lossless=true

  2. Add a formula with this URL like Embed("https://...")

Now this will load in an iframe and not open up the fullscreen view.

As for keeping the fullscreen view but hiding the download button, not sure if that’s possible IT IS possible but you have to compress your images so that they are under 80 KB each. Then you’ll be able to encode them with Base64 and insert directly as Data URLs into the Image() formula:


Images over ~80 KBs (formulas over 120-something thousand chars) will crash Coda.

Amazing, thanks so much @Paul_Danyliuk !