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Why can I import Google Docs into a new Coda doc, but I cannot import other Coda docs into a new Coda doc. Coda should allow importing other Coda documents. This would also serve to provide “merging” two or more documents together, since then I could create a new documents and import into it all the other Coda docs I want to merge.

Seems really strange that this is not possible. Am I missing something?

There is a way to essentially “merge” two Coda docs.

Lets assume you have two documents: Doc A and Doc B

Choose one of those documents to be your MASTER document and one to be deprecated. So lets say that Im going to merge Doc B into Doc A.

What I would do is NEST all pages of Doc B under a single page, then use Coda’s COPY TO DOC function, and copy ALL Doc B into Doc A.

I actually did it this morning, this was a 3 page document I was merging into another. Let me know if you have any other quetsions!

OK, that strategy works. Thanks!

It still seems odd to not have Coda included in the imports, but this is a great work-around.

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