Import folder of images from desktop in a table in one operation


I can’t find a way to import in one operation (button, automation, pack, etc.) multiple images from desktop to a table, one row by image.
I have the same question for downloading a batch of images displayed in a table view.

The idea is to use Coda as a simple asset manager: import images, tag and order them and then download selections of images. In that context, it would be inefficient to import or download images one by one.

Hey Vincent! This functionality is not currently supported, but great idea! We’ve gone ahead and logged this as a feature request, which our teams regularly review. Should this be built out, we’ll be sure to notify you!

ok thanks!
Right now i resolved the batch image import problem with a mix of a special Coda page and table prepared for import the ImageURL pack and a Keyboard Maestro macro.
It’s fragile and can only be used folder by folder but it’s better than nothing for now.

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