How to Bulk Upload Multiple Files to separate Rows?

Hey Coda community,

Is there a present way to upload multiple files (or images, etc) to a database, each as their own entry row into that database?
Presently, dragging-and-dropping multiple files onto a table works if dragged INTO a row, but there’s no present way to drag them onto a “new row” landing slot.
Wondering if I’m doing something wrong/there’s a workaround for bulk uploads/if I’m doing something wrong or if this should become a feature request.

This is a feature present in Notion that’s pretty helpful for things like Mood Boards, and would love to find a working method that isn’t one-by-one


hi @Billy_Jackson , welcome to the community!

I have no clue about what Notion offers, but in Coda you can do something like below. I created a table that contains in one cell all the images you want to distribute over rows (in this table or an other table, up to you) and you press the button.

enjoy, Cheers, Christiaan


Fantastically clever. Thank you!!

I am glad it works for you, don’t hesitate to share your questions and or docs with us in the community!

That’s great, thank you! It gave me the idea that I can upload bulk images and add them to the matching rows by extracting the name out of the file name and matching it up to the specific row. Thanks for sharing!

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