Import from airtable or sync airtable?

New user here, currently using airtable to house some of our org’s extensive databases. I’m trying to figure out whether it makes sense to create 2 way sync tables from airtable to coda, or if I should just import all my bases from airtable and stop using airtable altogether. Can anyone ELI5 (explain like I’m 5 years old) what the use case would be for sticking with airtable+coda vs just coda?

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Hey there!

I’ve used Airtable extensively and within large organizations for years.

Only because I had to though - Coda is a far more capable system and database and application builder and well just about everything in comparison to Airtable

What does Airtable do better?
Larger data sets. If you are going to be above 20-30k rows in a single database or table, you might want to keep that in Airtable.

That’s about it to be honest.

Feel free to ask any other questions you might have! This is just my personal opinion and there are others in this forum also very knowledgeable about Airtable and Coda

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