Launched: Airtable Importer Beta

Now in beta: Airtable Importer

Migrating your relational databases from Airtable to Coda can be daunting. Previously, Airtable bases could only be imported through CSV files, which was cumbersome for highly interconnected tables and complex schemas.

Today, we’re excited to share a new Airtable Importer (beta) to make it easier to consolidate your data-driven workflows into Coda.

With a few clicks, you can import Airtable bases into Coda while maintaining column types, table styling, and linked relations. All your table views arrive organized in subpages, making your data instantly accessible to Coda’s richer table functionality, all-in-one canvas, formulas, Packs, automations, and more––at no extra cost.

import airtable short.gif

Ready to extend the power of relational databases in Coda?

Open your Coda doc, type /airtable or click on Insert > Import on the top right of your doc to get started. Once you connect your Airtable account and select which data to import, watch your records, views, and column types flow in!

To help you get started, we’ve created a helpful how-to guide with step-by-step instructions.

Import your first Airtable base today and let us know what you think!

Related features

  • The Airtable Pack integrates your Airtable bases in Coda, so you can manage records using actions, take webhook automations further, add context around data, and connect with APIs that require OAuth2.
  • The Notion importer, Confluence importer, and CSV importer provide other options for consolidating your tool stack.
  • Full-page embeds let you add full-page views of external apps, so you can create instant windows into your Airtable bases right in a Coda doc.
  • Linked relations make it easier to edit, sync, and summarize data in related tables, such as Projects and Tasks.

Woohoo, this is huge! :heart_eyes:


This is EPIC! However, I am getting an error message for importing my base.

Hi Ashley! Just messaged you to help resolve the error message you’re seeing!

Yes! This is the image that I see.

I can embed an Airtable base without an issue, but I noticed this problem when I imported the base

Thanks for sharing. One of my teammates just reached out via email to resolve the issue. Appreciate your feedback!

Hi, before I try too, just wanted to know it this was fixed?

I want to important just one table.

Can I not do that? It is apart of a larger base.

:wave: @Ashley_Shuler

if a table contains one or many linked record fields, then the corresponding linked table/s must be synced as well.
depends if you want to continously sync, but if not, then maybe duplicate base or change linked record fields to single line text temporarily to import to coda?


Thank you for this! I am a bit behind on my AT to Coda transition, but I will try this!