CSV Beta Question

I am currently evaluation Coda, mostly versus Airtable at this point. One of my major concerns with Coda is CSV import is in beta. I tried importing a CSV and got some errors.

A main use case for me is exporting a table from Coda as a CSV, making a minor change like a new column or a calculation, and then re-uploading it to Coda.

So I get Coda has issues importing CSVs for whatever reason. But I am wondering if people are experiencing errors when importing a CSV back into Coda when the CSV file is primarily an export from Coda that was slightly changed since this is a “Coda CSV file.” Hope this makes sense.

Why are you exporting to CSV in order to make a minor tweak? why not create a new column in Coda with the tweaked value being calculated via Coda’s impressive formulae?