Import CSV (Bug)

Hey Coda Team,

I wanted to share a UI bug when importing to a table using a CSV file. When you go to Merge Rows and click the ‘carrot’ dropdown:

The import button disappears:

You have to resize the webpage / zoom out to see it:

I wasn’t sure where to put this UI bug. We are new to Coda and are loving all of the features.

We are working on pushing it to it’s limits if we can with automation, tasks, workflows, etc. SUPER excited as we’ve already been creating a TON with it.

Hi @Alan_DeYoung , thanks for reaching out to let us know about this issue. This is related to a known bug the Coda team has identified. That said, we have added your information to our bug tracker and somebody from the Coda team will be following up with any updates on this issue. Thanks for hanging in there!