Import CSV feature — is that still in beta?

I’ve been using the native Import CSV feature for a while now. Previously I had been using the CSV Importer Pack, which is cool, but I find the native feature to be a little bit cleaner.

I don’t recall Coda announcing this feature though…I stumbled across it on accident, and fully expected Coda to run a ‘beta’ feedback cycle like they’ve done with other stuff.

Is it still being worked on, does anyone know?

A few things that would be cool to see added:

  • The ability to Merge on more than one column.
  • The ability to save what those merge column(s) are so you don’t have to reselect them every time.

Screen Shot 2024-01-29 at 1.23.47 PM


Hey Max,

Thanks for reaching out and trying out the csv importer!

Re the beta feedback cycle, this feature is no longer actively in beta, but the team is always looking to make improvements so this kind of feedback is super helpful. We’ve noted these feature requests and notified the team that owns the feature.

We’ve also gone ahead and removed the “beta” marker to make things clearer. Thanks again for reaching out about this!