CSV Importer error 400 Failed to fetch rows

@Bharat_Batra CSV Importer has been working great for me until recently.

I started getting this error about failed to fetch rows.
I reauthenticated and recreated CSV Import coda key to no avail.

400 - Failed to fetch from https://coda.io/apis/v1/docs//tables//rows

Hey @Ed_Wei, happy to dig into this. Do you mind opening a ticket with support directly so we can get some more info and do some troubleshooting?

I figured out the problem. I renamed the coda table column names but not renamed the column mapping table which references the columns by text.

If there is something that is a bug, it is that the 400 error message is not helpful.

I heard from @Bharat_Batra that you’re looking at making CSV import a native function in Coda. I would vote for that feature.

Thank you!

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