Import from Airtable

I noticed a lot of users bringing over their Airtable bases into Coda docs. Here’s a guide I put together to help in the process:


A lot of users !!!

It’s more easy for migrate if have Import aritable pack , right ?

if (spendTimeForImportFromAirtable > 10 min & users > 1000 ) {

       makeIt = Import from Airtable Pack ; 

   //(why)save users time in 5 mins, totaly save 5000 mins at least   
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The link for this went bad


Hi Henry,

And welcome to the community!

Thank you for flagging the link. I fixed it in the post above. Here is the correct link…

Thank you for providing this guide, @John_Coda!
I am currently exploring and testing Coda for a client to potentially (hopefully) move from Airtable.
The client uses the properties similar to Created by/on and (Modified by/on) to determine the date each student is registered. I think I have workaround but do you have any suggestions on how to handle this when importing to Coda since I guess that these properties will automatically be set to the time they are imported to Coda and also set to the user who did the import?

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For created by/on you can use a date column which defaults to =today() and a people column that defaults to =user(). You don’t have to use a formula to generate that column so importing the raw data will work well. On the modified columns, that’s a little trickier b/c you need a formula to generate that, so there’s no good way to pull that in from Airtable.

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Hey @John_Coda is there a way to embed editable Airtable views into Coda?

You can basically embed anything into Coda.

You can also use the Airtable Lite Pack now as well :slight_smile:


Wow that is awesome!!!