Launched: Airtable Pack! 🙌

Do we all agree that an Airtable Pack is one of the most requested Packs in Coda’s history?

I am super excited to introduce the Airtable Lite Pack, sync your Airtable tables with Coda and update, delete and create new records with actions!

The name “Lite” is because it will require some additional work on your side as a user to have tables looking similar as how the look in Airtable, nothing difficult though and super quick :wink:

Check the getting started guide after installing it :arrow_heading_down:

:information_source: Airtable Lite Pack: Start Here

Leave your questions and comments below!


You’re a star, @Leandro_Zubrezki! So excited to try this out! Thanks for all the work you do and share with the community, it is SO appreciated!


Yes, perhaps it is! You should paste a few enticing examples of Airtable juxtaposed with Coda.


This is a breakthrough! However Coda doesn’t seem to be able to separate all the columns in the JSON. I’m not an expert on JSON so not really sure where to start looking for the issue.


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Hi @Jarred_Cinman!

It is not exactly a bug, what happens is that Airtable does not return the properties when they are empty, which causes that when Coda goes and automatically separates as JSON some fields are not there so the columns are not created. It seems Coda takes into account only some records and not all to do the splitting.

The solution is simple, you can manually add the column and use a simple formula to get the values that you want:


Thank you that is extraordinarily helpful


After an amazing insight from one of the Coda Jedi Masters @Scott_Collier-Weir, now the Airtable Lite Pack includes a new action:

TriggerWebhook: Triggers an automation where the type is ‘When webhook received’

Build your automation on Airtable and use this new action to trigger it from Coda!

:wave: Hey all!

I’ve been doing a LOT of work with Airtable/Coda recently and have been loving @Leandro_Zubrezki’s Airtable Lite Pack

I just made a Youtube video demonstrating how to use it in the case that its parameters, JSON data, etc is challenging to deal with. Hoping its helpful!


@Scott_Collier-Weir you truly are THE Coda guy :raised_hands:

Amazing and to the point example of how to use the Pack, thanks for sharing!

I have some news for the Airtable Pack!

You no longer need to separate as JSON the fields column, now the Pack tries to guess the type based on the value of each field so you can have your table up and running faster :wink:


Important notice!

With the new TableByUrl sync table you can have multiple tables or views in sync in the same Coda doc :muscle:

Enjoy :heart:


Hey @Leandro_Zubrezki thanks for making this pack!
I must be making some mistake because I get an error when I try using UpdateRecord().
How can I debug this?
CleanShot 2023-02-17 at 14.54.43
CleanShot 2023-02-17 at 14.54.34

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Hi @Tomislav_Mamic !

Could you please share the doc with me? Or reproduce the same in a new doc and share it with me after clicking the button, that way I can check the logs of the Pack and see if there is a bug with it or some kind of validation that its failing.

Name T, Status T and Role T have autocomplete to set the correct name of the column from Airtable, I think that may be something you can double check and write the names directly.

Thank you! This worked. I had column reference as a parameter rather than a string that matches column name.
CleanShot 2023-02-17 at 17.06.12

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But now I wonder how can I work with Image or File types?
Doesn’t seem to work in the same way.

In that case you need to create a URL using a formula from the attachments column, take a look at @Paul_Danyliuk comment → How can I access an image's full URL? - #10 by Paul_Danyliuk

I did:


The url that I get, when pasted in browser, starts a download of that image.

But when I run this:

I am getting an error again.

Should the column in Airtable maybe be of some type other than Attachment?
Profile Image URL in Coda is Text type.

Try just typing a public url to an image, for example your profile image here: and see if that works.

If it fails can you share the doc again?

Is this a two way sync like what Whalesync is planning later this year? Or something different?

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Hi @Alex_Arnold !

You can modify the records using Coda actions, which requires you to configure the UpdateRecord button, pass the variables, etc. But I know Coda is working on a two way sync feature, where you will just edit the values in the table and that will automatically update Airtable without the need for actions :wink: