The Airtable Pack is live on Product Hunt! 🚀

Hi community!

Today starts a journey of launching 7 of my Packs on Product Hunt, I want to spread the Coda fire :fire: to the Product Hunt community so more people know about Coda, Packs and everything that is possible to do in a Coda doc.

FYI: Product Hunt is a website to share and discover new products.

The first Pack to be launched in this journey is the Airtable Pack, where the power of databases meets the power of Coda docs :partying_face:

If you are familiar with Airtable, the Pack allows you to sync any of your tables with Coda, it includes a Bases table that you can use for documentation purposes and also actions to edit records in Airtable from Coda.

This first launch is live now on PH and would love to get your support :heart:

We have 24 hours to make it into the Top 10, lets do it!