Improved charts - 2 axis intersection data chart and formulas

Hello, I am trying to represent some data with my charts and I can’t (I think it is not possible). I need a 2 axis intersection data chart, some kind of variation of Scatter chart.

Example: I do video games and now I am trying to have the big picture about how many times and how frequently locations are used in missions (Locations is a table with every location in the game and Missions is a table with every mission and a Location associated). I need a kind of Scatter Chart with X Axis for Missions, Y Axis for Locations and dots on the intersections.

Even more. Imagine Locations have other data associated like Weather. It would be great to be able to use a formula like “Location.Weather” as data axis in the chart and not need it to be included as a Lookup column in Missions.

Thank you very much.