In RunActions, can I have it take me to a particular page?

I would like to have a button that uses RunActions to set the value of a control to a particular value, and then take me to the page where that control is located.

Is there an action that takes you to a page? I would think so but I don’t see one…

@Michael_Forsman Is it possible to share your doc for better understanding?

Yes for sure!

The missing piece you are looking for is ObjectLink()

You can actually say

RunActions(SetControlValue(myControl, “value”), OpenWindow(myControl.ObjectLink()))

Controls are valid arguments for the objectLink() formula even if Coda tries to tell you otherwise

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Perfect, that’s exactly what I was looking for! I knew there had to be a command I was missing.


I think this is you’re looking for:

SetControlValue([checkbox 1],true),
OpenWindow([checkbox 1].ObjectLink())

// checkbox1 is your control and when you press this button it set the value of checkbox and take you to the page where your control located

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