Include parameters when getting Section to send in Gmail pack

There is a similar suggested posted, but in a more specific context of the User() parameter…

My suggestion would also solve that use case: provide the ability to include parameters when fetching a Section that will be sent in the content field of the Gmail Pack.

I have a dashboard showing ToDo Items that are filtered based on the logged in user, and also based on the Project they belong to (controlled with a Dropdown control).

I would like to have a button for each Project that could send this section in an email to every user, but in the button Action, when specifying the Section to send, I would have to specify which user, and which project, to use for filtering the dashboard. in the Gmail Send Email “content” field, I imagine a formula such as:

=MyDashboardSection(ProjectDropdownControl.Value = thisRow, UserDropdownControl.Value = AllUsersTable)

or smiliar