Insert a paragraph into concatenate function?


Is there a better way than my below workaround to insert a new paragraph into a concatenate or format function?

In my case, I’m creating a summary scene breakdown of a screenplay. I have a main table that keeps track of minutia like Scene Number, Location, Time of Day, Description, Props, Characters, etc. Then I’m using a linked table view which is an easy to read summary to share with others. I want to have the Slugline and Description in one cell but as separate paragraphs. I can copy and paste separate paragraphs into cells but I can’t figure out how to generate new paragraphs with a formula. My workaround is to copy and paste a paragraph into a cell and then use that to concatenate between the Slugline and Description (see below). Can anyone think of a better way of doing this so that I don’t need to maintain a Paragraph column?

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@Phil_Hamilton-Schmidt For now, this is how you do it (I think).

I create that line return in an assumptions table on one row only and call that row “newline”.

Then, when concatenating in various places throughout the doc, I access that “newline” character by using @ to reference that row. Like this:

=Concatenate(“lorem”, @newline.value, “ipsum”)

Got the idea from @mallika .


Awesome! I got it working for me. That is way slicker than what I had. Thanks, @Ander!

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@Phil_Hamilton-Schmidt I also have a row called “newline2” for doing double line returns. :crazy_face:

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