Line breaking in concatenate function


Would anyone know if there is any way to create line breaks in the concatenate function? Something kind </ p> <br > \ r \ n

Ex. =concatenate(‘String 1’, </*p>,‘String 2’,</*p>,‘String 3’)

PS: without the *


It’s possible with a bit of a hack. You can “store” a line break in a cell (create a table for it somewhere, and hit ctrl-enter to create a line break). So you can:

  1. Create a 2 column table - first column is Name, second column is Value
  2. In the first row - fill in Name as “Enter” and Value as a single ctrl-enter line break
  3. From your function, refer to that cell as @Enter.Value - e.g. =concatenate(“a”, @Enter.Value, “b”)
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Many thanks Shishir.
Through this tip I was able to concatenate the text as I wished.